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Manic Bay is a post apocalyptic role-play with mature themes. It is a carefully monitored sandbox style role-play where you can choose which faction you want to join or create your own. Due to its mature themes, those that submit a character will be asked for their age to gain access to certain 18+ Channels. Even if you aren't 18, you can still partake in the RP and just won't see these channels (it won't affect your RP). This is to protect both the server and the role-players in it.

Manic Bay is located somewhere in the American Northeast nearly a century after a disease wiped out most of the population of the earth and destroyed society as we know it. Manic bay is separated into different player made factions that work towards their own goals -- sometimes conflicting with another players faction. Though, anyone is allowed to make a faction, we encourage you to join any already existing ones so that the world isn't spread to thin.

This is a mature and serious role-play. We expect certain standards of posts. No, we don't expect constant wall lengthen posts but effort is required. Typically 2+ Lines. We welcome you to join us and we look forward to the stories we will create together!

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Manic Bay

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